World War Two was well underway and by the early 1940s. Great Britian was one of the few countries still able to withstand German aggression. Many local men joined the war effort and the conflict came to our doorstep with the construction of Greencastle Aerodrome. The date of the commencement of construction was 12 January 1942. The townlands around the Greencastle and Cranfield areas became overrun with construction workers and officials and eventually became home to the US American Airforce in the summer of 1942 in the run up to the D-Day Landings. This was a scary yet exciting time for people living in and around the area and General Patton and Eisenhower flew into the aerodrome to inspect troops preparing for the Normandy Landings. The town lost its unofficial meeting place, Kilkeel Courthouse in 1952. This was a big loss to the community and many still miss it today. It was the place where everyone came together for dances and concerts.