Troops and Aircraft at Greencastle Aerodrome


By December 1943 the main AAF units at Greencastle were:

  • 4th Replacement and Training Squadron (Bomb)
  • 4th Gunnery and Tow Target Flight (SP)
  • 5th Airdrome Squadron
  • 8th Airforce Anti-Aircraft Machine Gunnery School
  • 65th Airdrome Squadron
  • 84th Station Completment Squadron
  • Det. A 1262nd Military Police Company (AVN)
  • Det. A. 1730th Ordnance Squadron Company (AVN)
  • Det. D1056th Q.M. Company Service Group (AVN)
  • Det. 237 18th Weather SquadronRostrevor JPEG

Photo taken in April 1944 for Life Magazine showing the 1st Platoon Company G of the 1st Infantry returning to base after a 3 day bivouac in the Mournes. This photo was taken on the Newtown Road, Rostrevor.



P-38 Lightning B-24 Liberator

A P-38 Lightening and B-24 Liberator.

Aircraft stationed and flying into Greencastle at the time of 1943 included the B-17, B-24, B-26, P-47, A-20 and A-28 aircraft. The most common type of aircraft were the B-26 Martin Mauraders…these aircraft were nicknamed the widow-makers.

B26 at Cranfield

A B-17 Flying Fortress on approach to runway no.1. Photo taken by Jim Patterson.