Extending the Harbour

The 1970s saw a substantial extension of the harbour to the west and the diversion of the river into its upper end. The new harbour opened in 1973. This expansion was due to the dramatic increase in the fishing industry and the herring trade boomed.

harbour 1960s

Congestion in the 1960s

harbour 1972 harbour 1972 or 3 harbour 1972 or 3 again

Extending the Habour in the 1970s

Today Kilkeel’s fishing industry remains a vibrant one, and the harbour is a hive of commercial activity with fish processing factories, marine engineer, ice factory, fish market, and ship repair works. A key tourism attraction, many visit the harbour to see the spectacular sight of the boats coming in after a fishing expedition.

Due to the growth of the fishing industry between 1960s and 2000, marine based industries boomed during these years to meet the needs of the fishermen. There are also several fish and prawn processing plants along the quay of Kilkeel Harbour.

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